Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.01.02 PMIsrael Connect launched its educational program in 2011, connecting volunteers in the Diaspora with Israeli students committed to improving their English fluency. Over the years, our program has been met with great enthusiasm and embraced in an ever-growing number of schools. Our volunteer base has also grown to include hundreds of Jewish retirees worldwide. More recently, Israel Connect’s mission and vision caught the attention of Israel’s Minister of Education. Our impressive record, evidenced in dramatically improved student test scores, compelled the ministry to begin working together with Israel Connect to expand the program. Thanks to our innovative program and dedicated volunteers, as well as the ministry’s commitment to bringing our program to more students in need, Israel Connect is helping students throughout Israel. Serving an ever-growing number of students is an honor and a privilege. Our volunteers have been recognized as agents of change, and their hard work and dedication are paying off. We invite you to share in this transformative experience!

By connecting experienced adults with the younger generation, Israel Connect aims to improve the lives of the members of its community. The benefits of the program are many, but three specific goals that Israel Connect achieves stand out:

  • The first of these is that Israel Connect offers Israeli youth long-term, personalized mentorship and academic support in reading and speaking English. This goal is of primary importance because of the doors that open for students who are proficient English-speakers. In Israel, access to postsecondary education hinges on English proficiency, as English comprehension comprises one-third of the University entry exam. Frequently, proper expose to English enrichment is only available to those in higher income brackets, and Israel Connect is working to reach students in other echelons of society.
  • The second important goal for Israel Connect is to enhance the lives of its volunteers. By facilitating a weekly, meaningful interaction that is as fun as it is fulfilling, the program aims to give back to its volunteers as well! Volunteers are engaged and energized by the experience, knowing that their contributions will have far-reaching impacts.
  • The third goal that is achieved through the program is that all parties involved become deeply connected to our shared Jewish heritage and Israel. Israel Connect is committed to celebrating our community’s storied past and exciting present – and connecting the generations as we do it!

This fall, Israel Connect introduced a completely new curriculum that better responds to the needs and interests of our members. Our team has created a relevant, dynamic, and visually appealing “Tour of Israel” curriculum that will surprise and engage learners at various levels. We are working hard to ensure that our program continues to grow and welcome new participants every year while providing interesting, challenging, and thoughtful learning materials. Volunteers and students will explore the tastes, sights, and rich cultural history of Israel while learning vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation!


This program is dedicated to The Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory. The Rebbe’s unconditional love knew no bounds. To the Rebbe, everyone belonged; he made everyone feel at home. The Rebbe was always there, offering counsel and blessing, comfort and hope, and often, material help as well. It was his belief that none of us is complete until all of us are included. It is this important concept that motivates Israel Connect. To learn more about the Rebbe Please visit