Israel Connect is a Canadian Registered Charity. We will issue a Canadian Charitable Donation Income Tax Receipt for all donations.

Endeavouring to run as efficiently as possible, and using volunteers whenever possible, Israel Connect relies on the financial support of generous donors to help us achieve our goals.

Donate once to help make a difference

  • Chai

  • $18 one-time
  • Keep our heritage alive through support of $18 (חי = Life)

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  • Computer

  • $100 one-time
  • Partner in purchasing a computer for a student to use in the class

  • Donate
  • Custom

  • ANY one-time
  • Select any amount that you wish to donate

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Become a partner with a monthly donation

  • Student

  • $18 /month
  • Sponsor one student every month

  • Donate
  • New Class

  • $100 /month
  • Help us add a new class to the program

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