Here are the schools participating in the IsraelConnect program

The Amit High School in Rechovot, serves Rechovot’s growing population. While it is a relatively new school, it has been recognized for its innovation and use of technology. The school boasts innovative technology as well as teaching methodology.  

The Ethan Freed English Learning Center in Ramla Lod is an independent learning Center for teaching English. The Center serves students from all over the city of Ramla and from all sectors – Jews, Muslims and Christians. The Center is utilized during in-school English classes as well as after-school projects. The Center offers students an accessible learning environment featuring fun, interactive tools currently unavailable in Ramla.
Harel School Lod is in the center of Israel. Our school is very special. We have all religions, autistic classes and behavioral classes. We respect each other. Each class volunteers in a different place and each teacher chooses one pupil to mentor and "adopt" in a unique way. These children come from difficult houses. The pupils study English, Hebrew and Arabic.

Kol Yaakov School is the local public school serving Yeruchams diverse community. Until the 1990’s, the majority of Yeruchams’ residents had immigrated from North African communities, with a minority of the population coming from India and Persia. Today, the majority of the community (40%) is still primarily of North African descent, but Europeans, others Israelis, and North Americans, have joined them as well. Kol Yaakov addresses the academic needs of this diverse, and newly immigrated community.

Amit high school in Modi’in, is located between the cities of Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv. Amit is a large school board in Israel boasting 108 schools throughout Israel. The local Amit branch was founded in 2011, with 4 seventh grade classes. Every consecutive year the school adds an additional grade, until it will be a full junior and senior high school. Amit schools provide a first class education to all those who walk through their doors, with special emphasis on reaching out to new immigrants, as well as students fighting for a second chance. Amit addresses the needs of all its students with an extensive programing in theatre, cinema and the arts. Students from a broad spectrum of observance and cultural backgrounds attend the local Amit School.
Walking into the Chabad elementary school of Nes Tziyonah, you will be taken aback. This local elementary school has an abundance of creative and alternative methods of reaching their students. Roaming the campus you will find a drama department, a garden, and even a petting zoo! This local Chabad School is an Orthodox girls school, but follows the Chabad philosophy of a non-judgmental, open door policy, and is attended by girls from a large spectrum of backgrounds. This school uses the Israel Connect program as an after school English enrichment program for their 8th grade class.
Ulpanat Bnei Akiva Hashomron is located in Elkana, in Samaria, a short distance from Rosh Haayin. We have close to 500 students - grades 7 through 12 who come from the neighbouring settlements. Our school services more remote communities. The majority of our students come from Hebrew speaking homes, and the Israel Connect program provides them with a unique exposure the English.
Ulpanat Yavneh is a public high school based in central Israel’s city of Yavneh. The students of this school participate in the Israel Connect program after school, from the school’s computer lab. Due to the close proximity of the students to the school, many students return home and come back to partake in the Israel Connect program. This may seem tedious on the students; yet, the students enjoy Israel Connect so immensely that there is a waiting list of students who wish to join! Israel Connect reached out to the local high school by partnering with the Yerucham association. The Yerucham association provides extra curricular activities, and equipment, to low- socioeconomic schools, to help enrich the lives of students.
Ulpenat Tzvia Lod in Israel. A regional high school for girls. Our school's motto is to have heterogeneous classes which the girls learn to grow and develop in with a lot of tolerance and acceptance of different kinds of cultures and by giving to the community that surrounds us in Lod. The students go through a route of high standard studies in order to excel in their achievements.
Yeshiva Tichonit Amit Kefar Ganim Petach Tiqwa (ytpt) is a six year Modern Orthodox school for boys. School day starts with Gemarah and Torah lessons and suggests variety of academic studies. One of the main cores of YTPT is volunteering and contributing to the society.