Every Thursday we stay after school and talk and read with the volunteers about places in Israel. Each time I had the best time, we learned a lot about the language, how to pronounce difficult words, and the volunteers are really nice so we enjoy a lot. I really recommend you to try Israel Connect.

Hodaya Koskas - Lod, Israel

Thank you Israel Connect for improving my English!

Shira Ben Shimol - Israel

This program is amazing., I highly recommend it!

Yael Shawat - Israel

I’ve enjoyed every second of talking with the volunteers in this Project; Israel Connect to me it’s an amazing experience. I enjoyed especial talking with the volunteer Jerry.

Noam Levi - Lod, Israel

I like The Israel Connect Program because I can spend time doing something that is both educational and fun at the same time.

Roee Ben Noon - Israel

From the moment I was asked to participate in the program I was thrilled to take part in it and continue to be. I am able to 'visit' on skype, with a remarkable young woman who knows a great deal of English but has had little opportunity to speak English outside of the classroom. We try to visit weekly and learn together. As my young friend's confidence and skills soar, so does my understanding of the parsha we read and discuss. We enjoy speaking with one another which is why we have continued to be in touch during the summer. We talk about Israel, school life, holidays and whatever else comes to mind. This program offers improved English skills for the student, as well as enhanced learning for both the student and the fortunate volunteer who gets to speak learn with an enthusiastic young person weekly!

Judy R. - Ottawa, Canada

Judy R. - Ottawa, Canada

What a terrific program! The Israel Connect volunteer program is a simple concept with a big impact. As a volunteer I enjoy the privilege of interacting on a weekly basis with motivated and enthusiastic Israeli students. It has been a pleasure getting to know them and to witness their improving fluency. I also appreciate the opportunity to improve my Hebrew as part of the process!

Linda Lewinter - W. Boynton, USA

When I first heard about this program I thought it was great, and was happy to have the opportunity to participate. It's wonderful to be able to connect with young people and discuss the upcoming Parsha in the context of an example from today, I look forward to connecting with them each week and I believe they feel the same way. Most of all it's very rewarding to see how the students have improved in their reading and comprehension as time goes on. I have found this program to be a very valuable experience.

Roberta G. - Ottawa, Canada

Roberta G. - Ottawa, Canada

I heard about Miles of Smiles (now IsraelConnect) from a friend and I was very eager to join, but very nervous to present in front of someone every week. I'm a very shy person and never had the confidence it took to really learn the language, this year through meeting weekly with my volunteer in Canada I feel much more comfortable. My " friend" in Canada is a very caring person and offers to help beyond the Skype meetings, she even helps with my homework.

Ayali H. - Jerusalem, Israel

Ayali H. - Jerusalem, Israel

I presently work with three groups of students. Each group is different but each group is intelligent, motivated, appreciative, inquisitive, and polite. It is wonderful to be able to work with these students. They give me a sense of meaning and self-worth.

Barrett Brickel - Ottawa, Canada

Barrett Brickel - Ottawa, Canada

Sunday  mornings have been special for many years. Connecting to the students has been most rewarding. Two years ago, inspired by one student, we decided to revisit Israel. This is proving to be a win win situation for us.

Bev Grostern - Ottawa, Canada

We joined to the project because we love to speak English with other people. Our experience from the project is that we meet other people from other places in the world, and learn with them about places in Israel, and also we learn with them about their personal lives. We learn on one of the people that we talked to with that he is Jewish and he is celebrating all the Jewish holidays. To sum up, we recommend you to be on the project it is a great fun experience.

Alina and Orpaz - Lod, Israel 

I enjoy talking to my volunteer Andy. Thank you!

Moria Lifshits - Israel